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Laura's House Fundraiser

Hey Everyone make sure to check out Morning Madness to learn more about the Laura's House Fundraiser. Or to view more information click the link to this PDF http://www.adrenalineradio [ ... ]

Cool, Disturbing and Crazy dog stories

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  Paralyzed dogs get a new lease on life, dogs in China and Black Dogs in the U.S. on  Let's Talk About Dogs. , right here, on AdrenalineRadio.com   For a free podcast download, c [ ... ]

Love Letters to our Dogs.

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Love Letters to our Dogs.  With special guests Lisa Erspamer & Kimi Culp, authors of A Letter to My Dog. With your host With Cynthia Greenburg-Dunlop on Let's Talk About Dogs.   [ ... ]

Alternative Healthcare for Dogs

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On Let's Talk About Dogs: Alternative Healthcare for dogs, does it work? Click here for the Download.

Treasure Honeywwod ft. Tweet from NEXT

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Special guest, Tweet from Next, joins the show in an exclusive interview talking about his past, present, and future and we debut one of his new hits.  You don't want to miss it!

Clic [ ... ]

Is a garden worth it?

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In the archive of Let's Talk About Dogs.  Is A Garden Worth It? We discuss poison for Gophers and how it is being ingested by dogs.  As well as other threats to our four legged friend [ ... ]